Denmark is ranked 2nd safest country in the world

Daily mall recently announced that Denmark is the second safest country in the world, just behind Island which ranks first in the survey.

Institute for Economics and Peace recently revealed the Global Peace Index, where 23 factors including crime levels, political terror, weapons import are taken into consideration.

In the study the United Kingdom comes in as number 39 on the list and United States is only ranked as the #94 most safe country, so being ranked #2 is quite an achievement.

In Denmark we have always had great faith in the individual’s ability to think for themselves. We are a small and safe country, and the trust between Danes is high.


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E.g. It’s very common to leave your newborn child sleeping outside in a baby carriage during the afternoon, something that will get you stamped as a bad parent in many countries.

Not because it would hurt the kid to be outside in the (at times) cold Nordic climate, but due to the risk of the child being snatched. This is just one example of how safe Denmark is, but it is also a sign that we trust each other.

We are used to living our life the way we want, with lots of freedom for the individual.

Another sign of this is the low level of surveillance in Denmark. When you take a walk in London, you start noticing how there are cameras on every corner.

Technological gadgets and personal data

At the moment we are already living in the next big technological revolution.

Gadgets and apps are tracking a lot of our behavior. Internet browsing habits are used to optimize marketing campaigns and sales curves and apps track everything from sleep cycles to our work out routines, so we know exactly how we perform compared to yesterday, last week and last year.

The progress is illustrated and documented on social media and private companies have access to the data through apps and web applications.

We are constantly on, and lots of data is being recorded everywhere, as it flows digitally on the Internet.

Even our refrigerators might soon be connected to the Internet, and be able to do your grocery shopping as well as track calories in your food.


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In this article you can read about how the “Internet of Things” tendency will enable more and more of our stuff to communicate and send data about our life and activities, to make life easier for us.

Tiny RFID tags can be built into the packaging of our food, so the fridge will know exactly what’s inside it. This data can be sent to the supermarket, and make sure you have everything you need right at your doorstep, when you wake up Monday morning.

The surveillance debate is very active in the Danish media, and it will be interesting to see what role it will play in Denmark, as we are used to live a private life with a high level of privacy and individual trust.




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  1. Tiago says:

    For a brazilian with 2 daughters, who is going to study there for 2 years (hopefully) soon, it´s sooooo good to know that!

  2. Morten Storgaard says:

    Hi Tiago – Welcome, good to hear from you, and I hope you guys will have a wonderful time here in Denmark 🙂

  3. Morten Storgaard says:

    Yes windmills are on the list, and lots of smaller industrial stuff like pumps and hydraulic systems (e.g. danfoss and grundfoss). We are a small country, but have a history of good engineering and design..

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