Checklist before moving to Denmark

Are you planning to move to Denmark for work or study opportunities? Before moving to a new country, you need to sit down with your cup of coffee or tea and create a list of things, which you need to look at before moving.

Moving can be an exhausting experience, especially if you’re moving to a foreign country. Therefore, if you write a thorough list of things and errands that need to be completed before you move, the whole moving process will become easier and smoother.

In the following, a basic but good checklist will be provided for you, so your stay in Denmark will be a joyful one.

1. Validations and applications

Right after you have learned that the new job in Denmark is yours or that a new and exciting exchange stay is waiting for you, the first thing you need to do is to check that your passport is valid.

You also need to apply for a visa, which may take several months. If you are traveling with other family members, you need to make the applications for them as well. Also, check if you need to renew other important documents like different permits so that you do not wake up to unpleasant surprises in the new country.

2. Find a place to live

Of course, one of the most important things to do before entering a new country is to find a proper place to live. Here, a common way is to search online on several of Denmark’s different housing portals.

Furthermore, if you are a student, check out the many Facebook groups concerning people who are searching for new roommates. This solution will also help you to find new friends quickly, who can guide you around in the new city or help you out in tricky language situations.

In addition, Charlies Roof is a local Danish company, who specializes in looking for a new home for expats and students moving to Copenhagen.

3. Collect different documents

Before moving to a Scandinavian country, you also need to gather and request official copies of important personal documents like birth and marriage certificates, social security cards and vaccination, medical and dental records.

Be sure to collect the documents well before your move, since it can take several weeks to receive them. Also, remember to ask for official translations if this is required.

4. Check your insurances

It is incredibly important to check your different insurances before you get on the airplane to Denmark.

Insurances such as a vehicle insurance, property insurance, and health insurance all need to be dealt with, so that you can be safe and sound in the new country.

5. Cancellations in your home country and address information

If you do not earn a fortune, it is an excellent idea to cancel all your utilities in your home country in advance.

Electricity, gas, oil etc. need to be canceled, and so do various subscriptions to clubs, associations, newspapers and so on.

In addition, remember to forward your mail to your new address in Denmark and mention the address to all your family members, friends, and potential business associates.

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