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You may start by reading about our unemployment system here: The Danish “A-kasse” system.


Internet connection and speed in Denmark and Norway

Normally when countries attract entrepreneurs and international companies, it has been through the development of strong infrastructure. Throughout the 19th century the most important parameter in a strong infrastructure has been well-developed roads, reliable...


The Green Side of Denmark

Since the Kyoto agreement in 1992 the well-being of planet Earth has been a world wide topic on the political agenda. It is especially global warming which has been appointed as a threat towards...


Classic Danish design

Denmark has been known as a country with a good eye for design for many years. In the decades after WW2 Denmark had an impressive list of designer furniture, that went around the world,...


Danish designer furniture

Denmark is now-a-days well known for its design, gastronomy and architecture. But in the period from the end of World War II to the 1970’s Denmark, was for the first time noticed on the...