Arranging the small city apartment

Back in 2009, the world’s most famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey visited Denmark. She wanted to visit the world’s happiest country, which was Denmark at that time.

She intended to make one episode of why people in Denmark are/were so happy and besides talking about women’s rights, politics and welfare, she also visited a Danish apartment in Copenhagen.

This apartment may not be considered the normal Danish flat because of the minimalistic, very clean design and the more expensive interior.

Nevertheless, it is somehow an archetype of how many Danes wants to build up a flat in the city. It is small, clean in design, neat and every single square meter is fully utilized.

For an American as Oprah this is something brand new.

America is mostly know for the “bigger the better” principle. That principle is in contrast with the Danish “less is more” approach.

Oprah Winfrey visits a small Danish city apartment:

Utilizing every single square meter

In my birthplace, my father did most of the craft himself. My room was tiny, but my father had made this genius solution. Originally, the side walls was crafted vertically which didn’t utilize all the space in the room.

My father then made a hole in the one side of the wall, and made a bed for me there. He did this with all the rooms, some for beds others just for storage, even under the staircase he found space for a tiny (not even a single m2) room for my younger siblings toys.

These “extra” rooms’ works a lot like the ones from the apartment in the Oprah Winfrey clip.

This way of utilizing the whole room is not possible in apartments though. However, there is another way of maximizing the room space.

Lately the trend in Danish apartment (especially for students) has been to utilize the furniture’s and interior the best way possible

This have created a lot of great multifunction interior especially in the kitchen.

The compact multifunction kitchen

Numerous Danish apartments have quite big rooms at least compared to the kitchen, which seems to have been under prioritized, when the apartments where build. An easy way of overcoming this is to use multifunction interior.

A place I myself found under-utilized was the area with the kitchen sink, stove and refrigerator.


Foto credit:

This is just one of many all-in-one solutions, but I especially like this one, because I almost never use the oven.

This type of kitchen is quite intuitively named a mini-kitchen. For some this just gets too small, and for them other solutions would be more ideal.

You don’t necessarily have to compromise on the working area in the kitchen, just to utilize it better. Some times you just have to see where one object may serve more than one purpose.

This way of thinking has let to a lot of DIY (do it yourself) crafting videos online. The possibilities are endless at least if you find joy in crafting and do have the skills and the tools.

There are finished solutions that you don’t have to craft yourself e.g. the Dublin shaker table. Which serves as a multifunction table, both a comfortable dinner table or a nice work space / home office.


It is quite easy to use and in a few seconds, you turned the dinner table into extra kitchen counter.

In Scandinavia you find lots of clever space saving tables for the small home. Ikea has many interesting solutions like this dining table with well-hidden chairs:


The future is compact and multi-functional

There is many of these quite handy solutions to making your kitchen space more effective.

Especially since the bigger cities are starting to feel an enormous pressure from growing numbers of citizens and the lack of available apartments. Flats will only be more expensive and therefore we are forced find these creative solutions.

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