4 different approaches to learning Danish

1. Listen and interact

There are various different ways to listen to the Danish language. One of the ways is to just go to the nearest city a listen to people and try to interact with them.


This can be a little fearsome, when you are not comfortable with the language. Another way is to listen to audio books or watch videos and tv shows.

My German teacher in high school ones told me, that he knew a guy in Germany who learned to speak Danish just by watching Danish movies. Especially this old Danish cult movie series “Olsen Banden”.

I will not recommend learning Danish just by this method, even though that this person learned Danish just by watching these movies. The thing is, if you only learn a language in a single way, then you will not learn all the aspects of the language. In this man’s case, he only knew the vocabulary from Olsen Banden.

2. Speak the language

One of the greatest ways of learning Danish is; learning by doing!

Talking is one of the most fearsome things to do if you are not comfortable with the language.

You can listen to my voice and repeat after me on our (free) Youtube Danish courses.

The Danish language in particular, can be very tricky to master. There is many different pronunciations and the alphabet have more letters in it than other alphabets.

Æ, Ø and Å is particular difficult because not many other languages use this kind of pronunciation.

A great idea is to find a person who you can meet regularly and one who speaks the language fluently.

There are various sites on Facebook where you can search for a person like this.

Often the agreement is, that you will meet in the city, learn a little about the Danish culture, the city you live in and of course speak the language.

Most of the times the person whom you agree to make such an arrangement with, wants to learn something about your background and culture and/or learn your native language.

This is a great solution, because it will be a safe place for you to make mistakes without being on comfortable.

3. Reading books

Reading books in the language you want to learn is also a great way. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right book for you level, but if you go to the library they will gladly help you find some easy books.

There is various genres of books for different levels. The most common book for the novice is children’s books, which can be somewhat annoying to read, but just remember that it will help you greatly and that you will not have to read it for long time.

4. Write in Danish

Writing the language is one of the more advance steps in learning the language, but a very helpful one as well. A computer here is pretty helpful.

Not only will a computer with a Danish operation system automatically learn you the basics, but it will also help you correct your mistakes and give you solution for your grammar.

If you are a student or just don’t have that much money in general, it is a great idea to buy a used computer for this purpose.

Most times people don’t trust the sellers of used electronics, if that is the case with you, then you could consider buying from a trusted retailer like Refurb (link above), who makes sure that the computer is in the best shape as possible.

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